Command: FAQ


The FAQ command provides users with quick and easy access to answers to the most frequently asked questions about the MAI platform. By sending the FAQ command, users can get the information they need without having to search the website or contact support. This feature helps users get the most out of the MAI platform and ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience.


The FAQ command requires no additional prompts. Simply sending the word FAQ to the MAI chat will activate the command.


User: FAQ

MAI: Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions and their answers:

  • What is the MAI platform? The MAI platform is an AI-powered conversational interface designed to assist and engage with users in a natural and intuitive way.

  • What can I use the MAI platform for? You can use the MAI platform for a wide range of tasks such as getting help, having someone to talk to, getting the opinion of a mentor, enjoying a good joke, and much more.

  • How do I purchase additional text credits? To purchase additional text credits, you can use the "Buy" command, which will provide a link to the purchase page.

Here is a link to the full FAQ page:

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