Command: Feedback


The Feedback command allows users to provide direct feedback to the MAI team. All feedback is sent to the team directly and is read thoroughly to continuously improve the platform.


To provide feedback, use the following syntax:

Feedback [Your feedback here]


Feedback I really love using the platform and the referral program has been great! I would love to see more features added to the platform, such as a way to track my referrals and a way to see my referral earnings. I would also love to see a way to see my referral earnings in real time. I think this would be a great feature to add to the platform


  • Feedback is a crucial aspect of our continuous improvement process. We appreciate all feedback, positive or constructive.
  • Please provide detailed feedback, including any suggestions or recommendations you may have.
  • Feedback is sent directly to the MAI team, who will review and take action as necessary.