Reporting Issues with Intercom

Intercom is the support service provided by Message AI to assist visitors with their inquiries, suggestions, and feedback. If you're facing any issue with Message AI, Intercom is the best place to report it.

Here's how you can use Intercom to report an issue:

Step 1: Access Intercom

To access Intercom, simply click on the small chat icon located at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 2: Start a conversation

Once you've accessed Intercom, start a new conversation by clicking on the "New conversation" button.

Step 3: Describe the issue

In the conversation, clearly and concisely describe the issue you're facing. Include any relevant information that could help the Message AI team understand and resolve the issue, such as screenshots, error messages, etc.

Step 4: Submit the issue

After describing the issue, click the "Submit" button to send the issue to the Message AI team. The team will review and respond to your issue as soon as possible.

Step 5: Check for updates

You can check for updates to your issue by accessing Intercom and navigating to the "Conversations" section. Here, you'll be able to see all of your past conversations with the Message AI team, including the status of your reported issue.

Tips for reporting issues effectively

  • Be as specific as possible about the issue you're facing.
  • Provide screenshots, error messages, and other relevant information to help the Message AI team understand the issue.
  • Be patient and wait for a response from the Message AI team. They will respond as soon as possible and work to resolve the issue.

With Intercom, you can report issues quickly and efficiently, and receive the support you need from the Message AI team.