Core concepts

MAI's Referral Program


MAI's referral program is a fantastic opportunity for users to earn bonus credits and help their friends get started on the platform. The program consists of 9 tiers, ranked from highest to lowest: Diamond, Platinum, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Jade, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.


Starting at the Bronze tier, both the referrer and the new user receive a base bonus credit of 3 text messages when the referral code is used. The number of referrers for each tier is as follows:

  • Bronze: 0-50 referrers
  • Silver: 51-100 referrers
  • Gold: 101-200 referrers
  • Jade: 201-500 referrers
  • Ruby: 501-1000 referrers
  • Sapphire: 1001-2000 referrers
  • Emerald: 2001-5000 referrers
  • Platinum: 5001-10000 referrers
  • Diamond: 10001-20000 referrers

Bonus Multipliers

Each tier has a multiplier on the base 3 credit bonus, as shown below:

  • Bronze: 1x (3 credits)
  • Silver: 1.5x (4 credits)
  • Gold: 2x (6 credits)
  • Jade: 2.5x (7 credits)
  • Ruby: 3x (9 credits)
  • Sapphire: 3.5x (10 credits)
  • Emerald: 4x (12 credits)
  • Platinum: 4.5x (13 credits)
  • Diamond: 5x (15 credits)

Note: Bonuses are rounded down if a whole number is not reached.

Program Flow

To get your referral code, simply use the command "Refer". You can also update your referral code to be more memorable, known as a "Vanity code", by using the command "Vanity" followed by your desired code. Any new user to the MAI platform goes through the onboarding flow, in which MAI asks for a referral code. If a referral code is entered, both the referrer and the new user receive additional credits based on the referrer's tier. The referrer's bonus credits never expire, while the new user's bonus credits are combined into their trial and expire at the end of the trial or used up during the trial.

Start earning bonus credits today by promoting your referral code to friends and followers!