Core concepts

ChatGPT ❤️ Message AI

Message AI is a revolutionary text messaging platform that utilizes OpenAI's API, the same technology behind ChatGPT, and integrates with SMS services to bring an AI-powered texting experience to its users. But what sets Message AI apart is its ability to learn about and adapt to its users.

Personalized AI Experience

One of the key advantages of Message AI is its ability to personalize its responses to the user. Unlike ChatGPT, which is a general language model, Message AI learns about its user over time and provides more relevant and personalized responses. This makes the overall experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Multiple Communication Channels

In addition to text messaging, Message AI also supports sending responses via email, offering users even more flexibility in how they interact with the AI.

Referral Program

Message AI has a referral program that allows users to earn free texts by inviting friends to try the platform. This not only benefits the user by providing them with more opportunities to interact with the AI, but it also helps spread the word about this innovative technology.

Unmatched Accessibility

What truly sets Message AI apart from the rest is its accessibility. By utilizing text messaging, Message AI is available to everyone, on a platform that is familiar and comfortable to all. This marks the first time that AI technology is accessible to the masses, making it truly one of a kind.

Message AI is a prime example of how OpenAI's API can be leveraged to create unique and useful applications. By combining the power of OpenAI with SMS services, its ability to personalize responses to the user, and its unparalleled accessibility, Message AI is revolutionizing the way people interact with AI technology.

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