Refer Command

Get your referral code

  • Use the Refer command to view your referral code.
  • Check your current tier and progress towards the next tier.
  • Option to update your code to a more memorable vanity code (subject to availability).

Referral Program Tiers

  • Each tier provides bigger reward bonuses as you refer more people.
  • Keep track of your progress and see how close you are to the next tier.

Vanity Code Option

  • Personalize your referral code with a branded, memorable code.
  • Availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis.


To see your referral code and information about the referral program, simply type Refer and send it as a text message.


User: Refer

MAI: Your referral code is: awesomecode123

You are currently at Tier 1 with 2 referrals. You need 5 more referrals to reach Tier 2 and receive a bonus of $10.

Have you considered using a Vanity code? Update it now to make it easier for friends to use.